Speech at the Opening Ceremony of the Chinese Mathematical Science and Education Development Forum

Zhang Xi, Secretary of Party Committee of Zhejiang University (June 30, 2006)

Respected Dr. Shing-Tung Yau, guests, teachers, and schoolmates:

Today, able and virtuous people have all been present at Zhejiang University, like brilliant starlight. The most remarkable scholars in the Chinese mathematical community have gathered at our school, to hold the "Chinese Mathematical Science and Education Development Forum". This is the honor of the Zhejiang University! First of all, allow me, on behalf of the teachers and students, as well as staff members of the entire university, to tender our warmest congratulations to the opening of the forum, and to express our sincere welcome to Dr. Yau and all specialists and scholars!

To develop the undertaking for the mathematical science and education of our country, and to create a harmonious and fair mathematical atmosphere that stirs people for vigorous progress, famous mathematicians Shing-Tung Yau and Yang Lo, as well as Kefeng Liu et al have sponsored the establishment of the "Chinese Mathematical Science and Education Development Forum". We believe that the successful organization of this forum will produce a far-reaching influence over the growth of young mathematicians in our country; and at the same time, the holding of the first session of a forum at our school that will generate an important stimulating function for the Zhejiang University to build up a top-grade mathematical discipline.

For a long time, Dr. Shing-Tung Yau has shown concern and given support to the development of the Zhejiang University, and has devoted great energy to the construction of the Center of Mathematical Sciences and mathematical discipline at Zhejiang University. In a short period of several years, Dr. Yau has been present at Zhejiang University for more than twenty times to carry out high-level academic events, and has donated to Zhejiang University's Library of Mathematical Sciences first-class books and materials valued at millions of US dollars. Under the devoted direction of Dr. Yau, the center of Mathematical Sciences of Zhejiang University has closely focused on the international mathematical front-line field, to intensify scientific research, expand academic exchange, and to keep improving the academic level. The International Conference on String Theory in Hangzhou, the International Mathematical Senior Seminar, the International Conference in Geometry and Analysis, and other nearly thirty important academic events sponsored by the Center have achieved tremendous success and have aroused high attention and recognition in the international academic community and even in circles of the society. The Center of Mathematical Sciences has successively invited Gu Chaohao, Wang Yuan, Yang Lo, Lu Qikeng, Ding Xiaqi, Shi Zhongci, Li Daqian, Hong Jiaxing, Wang Shicheng, and other academicians as well as ten invited speakers from the International Congress of Mathematicians to come and hold posts, and has also invited Witten, the winner of the Fields Medal, Shing-Shen Chern and Hawking, the winners of the Wolf Prize, Gross and t' Hooft, the winners of Nobel Prize, Andrew Yao, the winner of Turing Award, the academicians of academies of sciences of European and American countries including Coates, Faddeev, Hamilton, Yum-Tong Siu, and a large group world famous mathematicians for lecturing and engagement in research work.

The Center of Mathematical Sciences has made plentiful and substantial achievements in scientific research and talent cultivation. From 2003 to 2004, Professor Kefeng Liu et al had successfully proved the world famous difficult problem Marino-Vafa Conjecture in superstring theory. From 2004 to 2005, Mr. Shing-Tung Yau and Professor Kefeng Liu , et al collaborated in proving the world famous Shing-Tung Yau Geometric Measure Conjecture, which was highly praised in the international academic community. In recent years, the Center has recruited more than 60 master, doctoral, and postdoctoral students. Recently, the Center of Mathematical Sciences has again cooperated with the Department of Mathematics to set up the Shing-Tung Yau Mathematical Elite Class, to actively explore the new road for cultivating tip-top mathematical talents. For outstanding achievements in the terms of academic research and talent development, the Center has grown into a mathematical research institution of important international influence, praised as the "Huangpu Military Academy" in the international mathematical community.

Mathematics is the mother of science, and the development of mathematics will further promote the growth of science, engineering, and other disciplines of our school. We will as usual support the construction and development of the Center of Mathematical Sciences. It is our heartfelt hope that under the direction of Dr. Shing-Tung Yau and with the vigorous support of the counterparts in both domestic and foreign mathematical communities, the Center of Mathematical Sciences and the discipline of mathematics of Zhejiang University will develop and innovate, to step up its growth and to make better achievements in scientific research and talent cultivation, so as to take the lead into the top-grade rank in the world, and to make new contributions to build our country into a big and strong nation of mathematics!

Thank you all!