Professor Qingshi Zhu, President of University of Science and Technology of China, responds to the New Yorker article

Oct. 11, 2006

Dear Mr. Cooper:

We are writing you about the article "Manifold Destiny" by Ms. S. Nasar and Mr. D. Gruber. As a leading mathematician in the world Prof. Yau has tirelessly worked to help many institutions and individuals. In particular we appreciate very much of his great help to our university in the past years. We found the accusations and defamations of Prof. Yau to control science in China in the above article baseless and unacceptable.

Prof. Yau has visited USTC quite a few times in my term of presidency. Each time he gave lectures, scientific or public, and his lectures have inspired many students at USTC to pursue science as their career. His insightful lectures have become one of the most celebrated events in USTC.

Prof. Yau recommended several young talented people to join our faculty. People he recommended have made great contributions to our university as they helped a great deal in strengthening academic and education programs at USTC. Many of our faculties benefited from interactions with him.

Prof. Yau has helped to set up a scholarship at the University of Science and Technology of China. Many of those students benefited from Prof. Yau's scholarship are now studying mathematics and sciences in China and in US.

Each time Prof. Yau visited our university we only cover local expenses and he never received any allowance from us. We have offered to reimburse his international tickets and he never taken it.

Prof. Yau provided much help to our university and he has never involved in the internal affairs in our university. We not only appreciate his great contributions to mathematics and sciences we also respect his integrity and his personality. We are surprised about the above mentioned article and we sincerely wish New Yorker offer their apology to Prof. Yau as it is the correct thing to do.

You may share this letter with anyone who is interested.

Professor Qingshi Zhu (signed)
President of University of Science and Technology of China
Hefei, China